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In-store PC/MAC Repair
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Our Location & Address:
CompuMart Location
1111 Civic Dr. Suite 120
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
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Computer Repairs
(Desktops / Laptops)
Compumart has been in the computer repair industry for over decade. We specialize in laptop repair as well as desktop repair. Our experience, expertise and in-depth technical staff allow us to find solutions for nearly all computer repair needs. Conveniently located in Walnut Creek we can perform the repairs in quick and convenient fashion, saving you time and money. We repair all brands, HP, Acer, Compaq and even Apple. Stop by our location in Walnut Creek to drop off your machine for diagnostic.

On-site Repairs
Not all computer repairs can be done at a store sometimes it’s necessary to have a computer technician come out onsite to resolve the problem – this is what we do. We can come out to your home or office anywhere in the Bay Area (Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Martinez, and Alamo) and perform the repair in a fast and professional manner. Our onsite technicians are very experienced IT professionals who can address the problems at your location and present you with the options for the solutions as well as suggest steps to prevent future system malfunctions. Call us at our Walnut Creek office to schedule an onsite.


Server Repairs
At times almost every small, medium and even large business faces the trouble of server failures – let us help you out of this situation. When a server fails time is critical, not only due to the business long during the server’s down time but because of a possible data loss that may occur if the server is left running after a malfunction.  Server Repairs is what we do – our personnel have performed numerous server repairs and know not only how to resolve the issue but how to take the necessary precautions to keep your data safe during all the stages of the server repair.  If your office is located in the Bay Area (Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Martinez, and Alamo) we can come out on site to evaluate the problem. Call us directly even at the slightest hint of a server malfunction, remember time is critical.

Network Repairs
If you have a couple computers at your office or if you have full blown corporate network, there comes a time when it needs service or repair. Are you files transferring slowly? Does it take a long time to open your network programs? This could be a sign of network malfunction or incorrect configuration. Repairing a network can be rather challenging and requires years of technical experience to be performed in a reasonable time – don’t go through the hassle of figuring it out yourself or wasting your company’s valuable resources to trouble it - Call us at our Walnut Creek office and schedule an onsite for one of our technicians to diagnose your network and perform a fast and reliable network repair.  Our technicians have been troubleshooting networks for almost a decade; their experience is your advantage and your network’s salvation.


New Computers
Compumart also sells new computers. We have base models for basic home and office use at competitive prices.  We specialize in custom computer building and design as well. Our custom computers are built to meet and exceed computer needs of your home and office. Come in for a consultation to our Walnut Creek location or call us directly.


PC Tune-Up
Ensure you PC performs its best. No matter new or old, desktops or laptops - computers need maintance. We can make sure up to date Anti-Virus is loaded, scan for any possible infection, check the state of your harddrive and clean-up your machine to make sure it performs optimally.
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Free Life Time Diagnostic
If you purchase a NEW CompuMart computer after June, 2010, we will not charge any diagnostic fee any time when you bring this computer in for service. This is $80 saving every time and a proof that we stand behind our product.
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Reinstall OS
Re-load Operating System, Install all drivers for all hardware installed in the machine (does not include external devices such as Camera, Phone and Printers). This service does not include any data transfer from the computer. ALL EXISTING DATA IS ERASED.
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Reinstall OS /w Data
Reload Operating System, Install all drivers for all hardware installed in the machine (does not include external devices such as Camera, Phone and Printers). Data from the previous setup will be copied to OLD_DATA folder on drive C:\, data from mail, my documents, desktop, favorites will populated to the new coresponding location - 1 user LIMIT.
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Virus Removal
Removal of viruses, trojans, malware and/or spyware from your desktop or laptop, in our office.
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Laptop Power Repair
Did you bump your laptop and now you're experiencing inconsistent power trouble? Do you have to move the power connector around to get your laptop to charge or even turn on? We can solve this for you - repair of the power jack in your laptop in our location. (Normal Turn around - 1 week.)
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Hard Drive Upgrade
This includes installation of the new drive and cloning of the original data from the original drive to the new one. Excludes Arrays and Servers. Price does not include the cost of the new hardware.
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Data Recovery
Excludes Arrays and Servers. Recover data from a machine, with a functional/spinning drive.
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Remote Support
Remote assistance with your computer trouble via the internet.
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Free Pick-up (Tue/Thurs)
Can't bring the computer in? We can take it in and deliver it back for you on Tuesdays and Fridays.
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